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i's eyes fluttered open to look at desi xxx video her grinning friend. xxx japan "Did I do xxx photos okay?" Sandy asked with wide-eyed innocence, a pretense that fell to a giggle she couldn't contain. "No," denied Jaymi, then laughed at the instant hurt in Sandy's eyes as she continued, "you did terrific. I know xxx porn videos you've never done that before, at least not with your heart set on giving pleasure. What I don't know is how you learned to do it so well, so fast." "I had a good teacher," Sandy purred as she slid up beside Jaymi to snuggle. Jaymi let a hand xxx .com gently drift down in the beginnings an offer to reciprocate, but Sandy intercepted her xxx free hand and just held it, xxx gay whispering, "Tonight was my night to give you pleasure. Let's just enjoy xxx vidio being together for a little while before I leave." Jaymi nodded, then slid back onto her bed so that they could both lie comfortably. No one but Marilyn knew the timeline for their mission, but xxx video download they practiced as though they had all the time in the world, and no time at all. The team practiced the actual assault until each member could do any other girl's job, japan xxx picking up at any point in the task. xxx vidio They also continued their nightly practice xxx video com free xxx as well, until the novelty had given xxx bp way to a deeper, more fulfilling sense of sharing. Sandy was once again preparing herself for an evening's "instruction" when she heard a knock at her door. She smiled in anticipation. The ever-patient Jaymi hadn't come to her room before. Checking her incredible appearance one last xxx free time in the mirror, she went to the xxx porno door and flung it open with a brighter smile than her normal damsel-in-distress persona employed, then almost squeaked in surprise. hd xxx Marilyn was standing xxx video there. "Hello," Marilyn said in an unknowing echo of the xxx hindi timidity Sandy had experienced. "Is someone expecting you?" "Um . . no, not really," Sandy replied. sunny leone xxx video Marilyn knew what the japan xxx 'not really' meant, but instead of turning xxx putas away, youtube videos she asked, "May I come in?" "Of course," replied the dark-haired girl as she stepped back. Marilyn followed xxx sexy video her into the room, then stood uncertainly, a most unusual condition for the forthright team leader. "I'm sure you can guess why I'm here," the blonde began to explain. "I need a partner for the 'special' training you girls have been sharing. I wondered if you would be willing to be my partner for the night. I don't think Jaymi would mind." Sandy was japanese xxx too surprised to answer. Not that the prospect was uninteresting. Marilyn had always been pretty in bf xxx a more classic way than the subtleties employed by Sandy. Thanks to the sophisticated training she xxx photos had received from Krystal, the younger girl had learned to be devastatingly attractive, far and away the most desirable on the team. indian xxx video Yet to the perceptions of the young, unsophisticated boy that still lived within her, the intensely feminine, blue-eyed blonde Marilyn had become was the epitome of beauty. Nonetheless, it's not every day that a general, however beautiful, comes to a private's room and offers oral sex. Perhaps with a more sophisticated interior to go with her polished exterior, Sandy would have been able to work through genteel responses, positive or negative, to Marilyn's mom xxx suggestion. Instead, she was just flustered and incoherent for a few seconds. In the end, though, it was inevitable. The sexual stimulation she had been getting at least on alternate nights had her xxx sexy hot and bothered before Marilyn even xxx indonesia appeared. Regardless of external appearances, it boiled xxx video hd down to a beautiful person offering a bokep xxx horny twenty-year-old a chance at a blowjob, and rejection was not very likely. With a shy nod that had become her typical answer to most questions, Sandy accepted. Marilyn took the younger girl by the hand and led her to the xxxx bed, calling on her charm to put Sandy at ease. She giggled with her airhead bimbo voice and said, "I've been, like, practicing, you know, on some totally awesome sex toys, so, like, I think I have the basic idea, you know, but I'm, like, sure there's nothing like the real thing." Sandy's not-so-hidden response pulsed in the front of her nightgown. bf xxx It was clear that she wasn't wearing her gaff. bangla xxx It was xxx hot video also clear that the idea of the jiggling, giggling, blonde playing with some sort of sexual aid was incredibly erotic to the unsophisticated girl, peliculas xxx as Marilyn had expected. Her grin grew wider at Sandy's astonished gasp and visible pulse, and she took charge of the situation with less concern. "Now, you just xnxx lie back and, like, relax. I'll do all the, you know, work," Marilyn directed with another giggle accenting the thought that it was 'work'. Sandy let herself be swept along with the flow, tamil xxx soon feeling Marilyn's gentle, but unique ministrations bring her erection to its full, young vigor. The blonde's technique xxx sex video was different than Jaymi's, more mechanical, more intellectual bangla xxx if that can be applied to such an intensely personal act. But www xxx it was definitely skilled. Whatever books Marilyn had studied had certainly been accurate on how to stimulate the male member. In only moments, Sandy was xxx bokep gasping and beginning to climb her peak. Marilyn backed off to avoid a too-quick culmination, a tactic which elicited a moan from Sandy that was so heartfelt it was funny mature xxx to the experimenting team leader. She xxx vid quickly resumed sex xxx her motion, different enough to start Sandy on a new escalator rather than just continuing on the old one. This time, Marilyn decided to try out her 'special' techniques, and let her lips gradually xxx. move further and further xxx sunny leone xxx down Sandy's rigid shaft. Sandy felt the change. It even registered on her diminishing awareness. As the tip of her cock began to penetrate Marilyn's tight throat, Sandy realized xxx vid that she was receiving something that even Jaymi had never learned to give. In a moment, when she felt Marilyn's lips lightly caressing the still hairless skin at the base of xxx tube her shaft, she had to lift her head and look xxx hindi video at the image. xxx indian Marilyn's blonde curls bobbed lightly as they framed her face, the stretched oval of her ruby lips covering the target of her ministrations so thoroughly that Sandy might have in fact been as feminine as she appeared. Then Marilyn did something tricky with her throat and Sandy exploded. The transition was so abrupt that Sandy almost bucked Marilyn off onto the floor. The xxx video download young brunette's back arched into a hard bow, her heels lifting off the floor as her body was supported by her straining toes and thrown-back head film xxx and nothing in between. Marilyn xxx rode film xxx her like a champion, though, and kept teen xxx up with every pounding convulsion. When Sandy eventually returned to the real world, Marilyn xxx tube let the shrinking live sex toy slide from her lips. A smug smile that was the mirror of those her team had previously displayed lifted her porno xxx lips as she felt that satisfaction that a lover has when they know they've been good, very, very www sexvid xxx good. Or very, very, bad depending on your perspective. By now Sandy xxx www had come to grips with their strange situation enough to bypass any sense of shame or xxx movies revulsion at unusual xxx vids gender roles. She just enjoyed the pleasure of xxx jepang good sex, giving or receiving, so Marilyn was spared seeing the dismay that Jaymi had once evoked. When Sandy's eyes finally flickered open, she looked at her leader/lover with new appreciation and a smiling offer of her own. Marilyn's first response was to reject the offer, hiding any rejection mom xxx of xxx porno Sandy herself behind giggles and persona. "That was, like, so cool," xxx hamster the blonde bubbled as she started to stand. "If I'd xxx tentacion video 2019 have known that was so much, you know, fun, I'd have done it sooner." Sandy intercepted her, gently grasping her hands and pulling her to sit on the bed. "You don't have to do this," Marilyn said, her trained xxx .com voice tones still desi xxx high and sweet, but her attitude adult and controlled. "No, I don't hamster xxx have to do this, but I want to, I need to," xxx hamster Sandy said. She slid gonzo xxx to her knees before the blonde and pulled at the hem of the concealing nightgown. Marilyn was still "fully" dressed, including her gaff, so it was took a few moments of gentle caresses before her hidden member was standing to attention. Like the good soldier to which it was attached, it was firm, yet soft to the touch of tender fingers, of glossy lips, of flickering tongue. Sandy was pleased in a way that didn't diminish her affection for Jaymi to be able to also pleasure Marilyn. A hindi xxx part xxx sex videos of her found it amusing that she had so much power over an officer so much higher than her in rank, a power that became compelling as xxx porno she began to lift the groaning blonde to higher and higher levels of excitement. It was another xxx jepang unforeseen result of Sandy's brutal rape that her throat had already felt penetration to a depth most women cannot support. Once she had put the horror of the attack behind her, the not-quite-unfamiliar sensations of taking more and more gonzo xxx of Marilyn's cock down her throat were a little less shocking, a little more endurable. Then they were not just endurable, but enjoyable as Sandy adjusted to xxx com the intimacy, not enjoyable for the pure physical sensation which was still warring with reflexes evolved over eons, but peliculas xxx enjoyable for the sharing of love with a person Sandy had come to respect more than any other in her life. The time came when her own ruby lips were leaving their own delicate mark on the smooth skin surrounding the base of Marilyn's shaft, a triumph that filled Sandy's green eyes with joy even as Marilyn's blue eyes rolled back into ecstasy. The tricky little thing that Marilyn had done came to Sandy's mind and videos xxx she tried to decide what it had been. What else do you do when something is in your throat? She swallowed around the thick member that filled her. Her peristaltic motion milked Marilyn's cock and was just as effective as when the tables had been turned. Maybe more. Where Sandy had been a bucking bronco, Marilyn was a taut spring cranking in ever more tension. A small, high shriek from almost beyond the range of audible sound squealed from the woman's elegant xxx videos throat as her back arched so sunny leone xxx video high it appeared her blonde curls were headed for her high-heeled slippers. Before they joined, Marilyn's being collapsed into an arrow of expulsion, spurting silently and invisibly straight into Sandy's stomach. Later, Sandy was to realize she never even got a taste of Marilyn's cream, it was so far past her taste buds when Marilyn finally surrendered it. Gradually the tension in Marilyn's back released and she settled back on to the bed. When Sandy was sure that she had milked her leader's nectar www xxx com as fully as she could, she released her captive and gently lowered the hem of the porn xxx blonde's nightgown over the dwindling incongruity, restoring Marilyn to unblemished femininity. It was a moment or two more before indo xxx Marilyn's eyes flickered in another unconscious parody of the actions the team had been learning together. "Wow," she breathed, triggering a smile from Sandy. "Wow, yourself," Sandy replied. "You are one HOT woman!" "Hot and bothered, anyway," giggled Marilyn. "Well, I guess I'm ready for this mission." "Are we?" asked Sandy, hot xxx suddenly serious. "Yes," Marilyn confirmed quietly. "Get a good night's sleep. I'll stop by Jaymi's on the way xxx and let her know you won't be coming. We're leaving the day after tomorrow." 7. Chapter - Trance? True to Marilyn's revelation to Sandy, the team departed two days later. They traveled in their trios by separate airlines and routes, but arrived in the country nearest El Supremo's after two xxx porn videos more days. The girls wandered around as tourists for xxx vids a while, gradually approaching the city nearest the border to El Supremo's poor nation. This was the city from which most of the abductions had occurred. The teams made a habit of their actions once they reached their target city, each trio usually going to the same restaurant at the same time for supper and by the same route. xxx v It was only a matter of time before they were kidnapped, and it turned out to be not very much time. Marilyn's soft voice whispered a warning to Carol and Sandy as they walked to their hotel one dark evening, "Here they come. Remember, nothing xxx desi fancy. We can struggle, but don't really win." She xxx videos hd had seen shadows converging in the predatory tactic that had worked with such terrible effect on Sandy. The other two saw the same flickers in the dim light and tried to maintain the light-hearted attitude they had been demonstrating. They might not have been completely vidio xxx successful, but the attackers continued their advance so their acting skills were sufficient to meet the need. xxx porn video El Supremo's minions left nothing to chance, with two men assigned to xxx indian each of the three women. Their approach showed xxx. the efficiency of long practice. One man desi xxx grabbed a woman's arms, then, xxx video hd as she opened her mouth to scream, another popped a ball gag xxx putas into place and it was xxx gonzo quickly cinched tight. Once silenced, teen xxx they proceeded to add additional bonds at their leisure. In seconds it was all over. Each girl sexy xxx was shackled with fur-lined xxx hot leather cuffs at her wrists. A wide strap pulled her elbows cruelly together. Only the flexibility they had worked so hard to obtain allowed their elbows to touch without tearing shoulder ligaments. Other straps were drawn about their ankles and just above their knees, leaving them completely unable to move, barely able to breathe, yet padded from any damage to sensitive feminine skin. indian xxx The final indignity was a soft but very effective blindfold, leaving them isolated in their helplessness. Or so the captors thought, this team would never be completely helpless. When the flurry died down the team could hear one of the soldiers muttering curses. "Shut up," another voice commanded. "This red-headed bitch bit my fingers, and tried to unman me with those boots she's wearing," the muttering voice complained. Another voice with laughter in its tone replied, "Then keep your fingers out of the mouth that bites, you fool, and you never were enough of xxx porn videos a man to miss anything important." "I'll put something important in the mouth without teeth all right, xxx video hindi if this bitch gives me any more trouble." The bound women could sense a sudden stillness in their captors, except xxx movie for the two that were joking. The xxx bf command voice spoke again, this time porno xxx fierce with menace, "Listen you fool. xxx indo Don't even talk about that. You're new, but I was here the last time someone was caught violating one of Maximum Leader's captives. Sometimes he waits at the xxx hd videos harem when the girls are delivered. This time, he sensed something and had the captives examined, tamil xxx cunt, ass, xxx japan and stomach. He found traces of man-seed in one of the women, it might even have been her boyfriend's from before she was taken. Maximum Leader didn't care. He had the entire capture team castrated and xxx hot video blinded, then had their hands xxx video cut off. Then he let them loose in the harem. I understand they took a xxx bp long, long time to die under the tender care of the harem girls. You treat these women like fragile dolls or phim xxx I'll kill you myself." Well, Sandy thought, that's at least a little assurance we won't be harmed right away, although the painful pull at her elbows, the xxx gonzo cramps that had already started in her distended sexy xxx jaw were constant reminders sunny leone xxx that no harm did not xxx vidio equate to comfort. They next heard a crackle as though from mature xxx a radio. Static prevented www sexvid xxx them from really making out the other end of the conversation, especially in a foreign tongue, but the affirmative tones of the leader from their end indicated success. In a few bokep xxx minutes a vehicle pulled up and the women were piled into the back. Once again, no harm was shown not to be the same as no pain as they were unceremoniously dumped in random positions phim xxx on top of the soft sex xxx bodies that were already inside. Squirming to try and find a less-uncomfortable position with their knees and elbows welded together wasn't too successful, xxx 2002 but it was enough to confirm that the other trio had also been kidnapped. Bound, gagged, and sexo xxx blindfolded, they began their journey into El Supremo's country, or as he had his own men call him, Maximum Leader. Even in their sensory isolation, it was obvious when they crossed the border. The roads got worse. It was just as obvious when the got near the palace that Maximum Leader maintained. The roads got better. Rank has its privileges. The ride took hours, or days, or some indeterminate time that they couldn't judge in their xxx free darkness. But eventually the vehicle stopped and the six members of the team were being slung over masculine shoulders and carried to a place where they were set carefully on their feet. They had to struggle to maintain xxx hd videos their balance in their bondage, teetering on still-towering heels without the xxx videos hd opportunity to move even their toes to readjust their equilibrium. A filme xxx woman's voice started speaking to them, in moderately-accented but perfectly-understandable English, though devoid of emotion in a monotonous litany that bespoke excess repetitions. "Welcome to the service of Maximum Leader. You have been teen xxx chosen by your beauty for the privilege of easing the terrible hardships imposed on our Maximum Leader by his unending xxx sexy toils for xxx porn his people. Our rules are simple. First, keep yourselves beautiful. It reflects poorly on me if Maximum Leader finds his servants inadequately attractive. You will find xxx gay cosmetics, clothes, exercise facilities, and whatever else you need. Each of you already knows that beauty is as much an internal as an external condition. If you mope or sulk or act unattractively, you will be unattractive. This is not permitted." "The second rule is that you must keep yourself inviolate except with our Maximum Leader, and with him you release yourself completely hindi xxx for his pleasure. Only when allowed by japanese xxx the Maximum Leader will you enjoy your bodies. When he requests relief from his terrible strain, you will be provided to him and you will please him. Utterly. Any hesitation to comply with any need he expresses is not permitted." "Third, you will destroy any man you see who is not in the company of Maximum Leader. You will find adequate weapons xxx xxx in the area porno to assist you, but if necessary you will use teeth and nails and your own bodies to attack. Hesitation or concern for your own xxx hindi video persons is not permitted." "There are other rules for special services that will be explained as they apply." "Penalties indo xxx for breaking these rules video xxx are immediate, harsh, xxx hot and usually fatal. Penalties for even attempting to leave the service of Maximum Leader are as harsh and as protracted before being fatal as we can devise, and we have had long practice. As of this moment, your old lives hindi xxx video are over. Welcome to your new lives." Hands removed xxx hd video the blindfolds from the new harem slaves. Their bokep xxx eyes went to the source of the message they had just received to find a woman that was not nearly as boring as her xxx photos voice has indicated. Her age was indeterminate, clearly older than the team, but whether 40 or 90 was impossible to tell. She was petite in a way that invoked the image of a hard kernel of diamond, all that was left when any softness had been chipped away. There was also an arrogance about her, one that said she had such absolute power over others that her whim was equivalent to a god's. It glittered in her black eyes, an unashamed arrogance porn that said her eyes were a xxx xxx true window to her black heart. bangla xxx Small wonder that most xxx sex videos new girls would be intimidated, but the closeness of the team resulted in a common assessment of her that indian xxx video was different hindi xxx video than most girls. Though they didn't know of their community of thought at hd xxx the time, as each video xxx girl saw their harem mistress the thought ran through their minds of porn xxx the equally-arrogant first comments of the eventually-pathetic instructor they had xxx sex known as El Supremo. It firmed their resolve far beyond anything this woman hoped to accomplish in diminishing their self-respect. Once the new captives were able to see, the woman continued, "I am Skuda. Do each of you understand these rules xxx 2002 and agree to abide by xxx hd them? I remind you that disobedience is not permitted, hindi xxx in any event, youtube videos but you will be granted greater freedom if you promise to do xxx indo your best to obey." She xxx hot video looked first to japan xxx Marilyn, even with the flawless perfection of videos xxx her makeup she was clearly a little older than the near-teen team members and probably the de facto leader of the captives. Marilyn nodded abruptly. At that point a harem girl that had been standing to the side came xxx mom forward and began to remove her leg bindings and the cruel strap around her elbows. The harem mistress looked at the others in approximate age order and received a nod from each, finishing with Sandy. Each was released enough to walk and to avoid the extreme discomfort of filme xxx the elbow binding, but none were freed entirely from their bonds. "You will wear your gags until www xxx video tomorrow morning, also your wrists will remain bound. This is to allow you time to contemplate your new situation and to let you know the xxxx xxx sex video tiniest hamster xxx aspect of the discomfort that will be yours for any disobedience. At dawn, any girl in the harem is allowed to release you. Dismissed." With that, the harem mistress and all the hangers-on who had been in the room simply left. The team stood xxx photo for a moment, jaws aching, arms sexo xxx trying porn to flex with the small additional freedom granted. Then, with a shrug, Marilyn turned to follow the departing women. It was already past midnight, surely. Dawn was xxx movies only a few hours away. The new residents wandered around through the rest of the night, apparently aimless. No one would expect them to try and relax on their first night, especially with the ever-increasing agony in their jaws and with their awkward arms. In fact, rather than helplessly wallowing in their suffering, the team was reconnoitering the palace just as they had originally planned, xxx desi though with a little less ease. Even Carol, constrained by the six-inch heels on her boots to an infinite series of xxx hd video tiny strides, covered all of her xxx v objectives. After additional eons a dim porno glow appeared in the sky, and finally a sliver of sun. Each girl found an unbound woman to remove her final restraints and gratefully stretched before finding an equally necessary set of facilities. They were able to hide their uniqueness easily enough before taking advantage of the scattered cosmetics to repair the ravages of their capture. Selecting appropriate nightgowns from the arrays of clothing, they found each other again, then retired to a convenient bedroom to catch up on some sleep. The harem mistress seemed to have youtube videos forgotten them when vidio xxx they got up that evening. It was important to keep a low profile so they worked out, dressed beautifully, and ate quietly, all to send signals of acceptance and xxx indonesia lack of threat. xxx porn video However, it was reasonable for the newest slaves to find comfort xxx bf in each other's company so their many whispered conferences were xxx tube actually detailed planning sessions. All was as they expected. xxx photo The only unknown was porn xxx the exact schedule for those www sexvid xxx in the biowar lab to retire on any given night. xxx video com It wouldn't do to break into the lab and www xxx com find technicians everywhere. They spent a few days trying to xxx hindi get a lead on what went on behind the door they knew led to the lab. Finally, Marilyn gathered the team together and said, "It's tonight. The techs will vacate the key lab and should be out of the hallways by 11:00. There's a big VIP shindig tomorrow and everything is supposed to be neat and tidy. We'll meet at the entrance at 11:30. Bring only silent weapons. Any questions?" "How did xxx hd you find that xxx www xxx tentacion video 2019 out?" Vanna asked. "Sorry, you don't need to know," replied Marilyn. There was a hurt look in Vanna's eyes, mirrored in the other four desi xxx video enlisted members of the team. After all they had xnxx been through together, keeping secrets seemed xxx v wrong. xxx movie But, as always, Marilyn was doing what was best. Tonight was a time for military precision, military discipline. Acting out their xxx videos strange roles had often required informality and a camaraderie that was normally forbidden between enlisted and officer. Tonight, they were back in the Army. It shouldn't have been surprising to find out that all the available clothes available were in vibrant colors, all the shoes were delicate and uncomfortable, all the desi xxx video skirts too tight for xxx bokep easy fighting. The girls chose the indian xxx best options that they could find, short skirts with high slits in the darkest colors to be found, and went barefoot. They met at the antechamber to xxx mom the biowar lab on schedule to see the first of the chain-girls that guarded the entrance. She slumped in her bonds, a tight blindfold concealing her eyes, a tight mitten surrounding her fingers and locked to a chain so short she had no choice but the kneel, or perhaps lie on the floor. As expected, there was a wire leading from her mitten to the door. Constance took up her position at the external door to the antechamber. Since she couldn't www xxx pass the gate she would safeguard their position at this point. The hot xxx others looked at each other, xxx porn then Marilyn squared her shoulders and stepped to the www xxx video chain-girl. Without a word, since though she could lower her voice her accent might be revealing, she gently lifted the blind head of the chain-girl and stepped before her. Raising free xxx her skirt (invisible to the chain-girl) she placed her incongruous tool between the bound captive's lips. Like an automaton, the xxx movies girl began sucking and stroking on Marilyn's erection. In moments, she was rewarded, if that's the right term, with Marilyn's seed. Almost as a reflex, her hands clenched and the airlock door into the inner sanctum opened. xxx com Marilyn darted through the opening, not sure xxx sexy video how long the opportunity would last. It turned out not to be a problem as long xxx sex as she moved steadily, xxx video hindi since the weight of her feet on the floor of the airlock triggered the door to close behind her. Once she was in